3 reasons education needs an LRS

Education needs an LRS. Here are three reasons why

We have a very rudimentary understanding of how our students and teachers actually learn.

We can’t tell how and when they are learning or what their preferred learning style is. We can barely even see our learners data without (practically) begging for it.

We came across a blog post (from 2012!!) from Saltbox, makers of Wax LRS. In the post they talk about the top 3 reasons a business or company might want to use an LRS.

The parallels to education are completely obvious so below are the 3 reasons education needs an LRS:

  • Learning happens everywhere: This is no secret. Learners (both students and teachers) are learning both inside and outside of their classrooms, homes and LMS systems. They are using online games, videos, peer conversations and other elearning solutions to augment what is happening inside the school environment. We can now track those ‘informal’ learning experiences with xAPI technology.
  • Snapshot reporting is no longer acceptable: The days of being able to only see learner scores of assignments, tests and quizzes are gone. Stakeholders are demanding more detailed information on their learners in order to give them a better picture of them. Stakeholders need contextual data provided in real-time (not months later) so they can step in and assist as they need to in order to set their learners up for success.
  • Open, accessible, free data: Learners, administrators and stakeholders should be able to access their data anytime and anywhere they please. Because the data is about their own performance, the technology vendor should not own it. Use of an LRS with xAPI technology allows the data to be open source – meaning that learners, administrators and stakeholders have access to their data when they want it, wherever they are. And if they want to use that data to apply to college or to help them find a job they are able to do so, at no cost to them.

education LRS

Here at Thrivist, we’re building our LMS fully integrated with an LRS that is powered by xAPI. Our platform is built, specifically for K-12 institutions, to capture how learning happens today.

It providers learners, administrators and stakeholders:

  • A modern user experience
  • A solution designed specifically for K-12
  • Better, more robust reporting capabilities
  • Open systems – the ability to share data and use that data to achieve better outcomes

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