One question you must ask of your learning data

Once we collect the learning data available to us we can actually see if it’s working or not.

We don’t know our learners.

We know very little about them. About 10% of the learner, give or take, is known to us. That is, what happens inside the classroom, LMS or other type of learning environment.

About 90% of learners are unknown to educators. This is because 90% of the learning data available to us is not being captured.

Data such as…

  • How they prefer to learn
  • When they like to learn
  • Where they go to learn

…are not being tracked.

learning data

Since those facets aren’t being tracked we cannot expect, or be expected, to truly know our learners.

But what if that unknown 90% became known?

What if we knew each individual’s preferred learning style?

What if we knew where each student went to gain more understanding? (i.e. Udemy, Khan Academy, Lynda or YouTube)

What if we knew when our learners were ready to engage with our content?

And what if we could see all of this data and information in one place?

We could look through the data, analyze it, and pick it apart to understand our learners better. We could also share that data with other stakeholders. Parents, students and teachers.

Because of that capability we could then ask ourselves the question that really matters…

Is what we’re doing working?