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A Teaching and Learning Ecosystem designed
for how learning happens today.

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Learning is happening everywhere.
It's time to measure it.

Learn Everywhere

So, how do you do it?


It starts with a teaching and learning platform designed for today's learners

A modern platform that is built to accommodate how online teaching and learning happen today. You'll notice every single component has been refined, every legacy feature remastered and the entire learning experience reimagined. All this with an absolute focus on providing support for teachers and learners. When choosing a teaching and learning solution it's time to make a break from the past.

And culminates with a place to store all your learning pieces

We call it a Learning Record Store (LRS) allowing you to collect and report on the experiences that matter. An agnostic data warehouse of sorts where all your data lives in the same format making true analysis possible. This means you can know what is happening and what is working. Now, you can measure all kinds of learning experiences that are happening informally and across any device.


HOW does this benefit you?

A Platform that makes learning easy and enjoyable

You deserve a platform that provides a great user experience. Thrivist's dashboards provide easy access to courses, content and other action items while, at the same time, keeping learners on track and teachers informed. We love beautiful software that enriches the learning experience, and we think you will too!

Easy Learninf
Take back

Data that is actionable and accessible

Data gives you the power to make decisions. Imagine a single repository full of granular, interoperable learning data generated during learning activities. This scenario allows admins, teachers and parents to use data to draw conclusions and make decisions to better outcomes, with the ability to take your historical data with you. Thrivist's open, yet highly secure Learning Record Store makes moving your data free and easy.

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